Written by Alan Jay Lerner (book and lyrics) Frederick Lowe (music)
Directed by Michael Whitlatch (staging), Robert Pfaltzgraff (music)
Stage design by Tammy Said, Scott Cave and Page Rayhons (sets); Art Beaulieu (lighting)

Eliza Doolittle comes to Prof. Henry Higgins' flat to be instructed in the English language, in order to transform herself into a "lidy." Pickering challenges Higgins to "metamorphose the guttersnipe into a paragon of verbal correctitude."

Buena Vista's performance of My Fair Lady was the first in Anderson Auditorium. The performance dedicating the facility was held on April 23, 1985.


Buskers ..... Scott Cave, Leny Lillskau
Mrs. Eynsford-Hill ..... Lisa Ostendorf
Eliza Doolittle ..... Maribeth Osmanski
Freddy Eynsford-Hill ..... Gary Pyle
Colonel Pickering ..... Leon Hammer
A Bystander ..... Jerry Heying
Henry Higgins ..... Jim Johnson
Selsey Man ..... Doug Conrad
Hoxton Man ..... Brian Oelberg
First Cockney ..... Blame Ratzlaff
Second Cockney ..... Alan Bridge
Third Cockney ..... Barry Anderson
Fourth Cockney ...... Dean Palmquist
Bartender ..... Brent Winterhof
Harry ..... Neal Baedke
Jamie ..... Blame Ratzlaff
Alfred P. Doolittle ..... B.J. Hutchinson
Mrs. Pearce  Sherrin Houtman
Mrs. Hopkins ..... Verna Thomas
Butler ..... Scott Schuck
Servants ..... Kendra Keninger, Lisa Barels, Cilia Tollefson, Doug Conrad, Dean Palmquist
Mrs. Higgins ..... Wendy Parks
Lord Boxington ..... Leny Lillskau
Lady Boxington ..... Tammy Dubois
Flower Girl ..... Cilla Tollefson
Footman ..... Joseph Traylor
Zoltan Karpathy ..... Scott Cave
Queen of Transylvania ..... Michella Moore
Mrs. Higgins' Maid ..... Lisa Barels
Chorus Members: Tammy Said, Lori Mathews, Cindy Mellema, Lisa Axon, April Storm, Kaaren Madsen, Lisa Ostendorl, Verna Thomas, Tammy Dubois, Kendra Keninger, Lisa Barels, Cilia Tollelson, Jerry Heying, Doug Conrad, Scott Cave, Leny Lillskau, Brian Oelberg, Blame Ratzlacf, Alan Bridge, Barry Anderson, Dean Palmquist, Brent Winterhof, Neal Baedke, Scott Schuck, Joseph Traylor