Written by Lanford Wilson
Directed by Michael Whitlatch

The scene is a sprawling farmhouse in rural Missouri, which is home to Ken, a legless Vietnam veteran, and his lover, Jed, a horticulturist. They are visited by Ken's sister, June, and her teenage daughter, and by Gwen and John—the former a hard-drinking, pill-popping heiress who aspires to be a rock star, the latter her wary-eyed husband and manager. Their talk, as the play progresses, is sharp and funny and, in the final essence, deeply revealing of lost hopes and dreams and of the bitterness that must be fought back if one is to perceive the good that life can offer.


Kenneth Talley Jr., injured in Vietnam, 32 ..... John Casey
Jed Jenkins, an almost silent listener, 25 ..... Mitch Trigger
June Talley, Ken's sister, 35 ..... Joann Lett
Shirley Talley, her daughter, 14 ..... Lisa Ostendorf
John Landis, childhood friend of the Talleys, 33 ..... Brent Schawl
Gwen Landis, his wife, 33 ..... Maribeth Osmanski
Weston Hurley, composer friend of Gwen and John, 25 .....  Jerry Heying
Sally Friedman, Ken and June's Aunt, 64 ..... Kay Dirks