Written by Georges Feydeau (translated by Barnett Shaw)
Directed by Michael Whitlatch
Stage design by Molly Timmins (set), Raileen Peterson and Brian Mathers (lighting)

This masterpiece of farce is one of the funniest plays ever written. To test her husband's fidelity, Yvonne sends a letter from an imaginary admirer suggesting a hotel assignation and touches off a dizzy string of madcap mixups.


Camille Charidel ..... John Casey
Antoinette, the maid ..... Beth Rygh
Etienne, the valet, husband of Antoinette..... Jeff Chisholm
Finache, the doctor Dan Nedrow
Lucienne, the Spaniard’s wife ..... Donna Ball
Yvonne Chandel, the jealous wife ..... Molly Timmins
Victor-Emmanuel Chandel, the innocent husband ..... Chuck Spencer
Romain Tournel, the lover ..... Eric Stanley
Don Homenides De Hitangua, the Spaniard ..... Pete Brown
Augustin Ferraillon, the owner ..... Brent Schawl
Eugenie, the maid ..... Mary Even
Olympe, the owner’s wife ..... Val Anderson
Baptistin. the decoy ..... Clay Keleher
Rugby, a guest at the hotel ..... Gary Seitz
Poche, the porter ..... Chuck Spencer