Written by Jay Thompson, Marshall Barer, Dean Fuller (book), Marshall Barer (lyrics), Mary Rodgers (book)
Directed by Michael Whitlatch (staging), Robert Pfaltzgraff (music)
Stage design by Donna Wishman (light and scene), Edward "Mac" Hornecker (design supervision)

A fictional medieval kingdom is ruled by the devious Queen Aggravain and the mute King Sextimus the Silent. King Sextimus suffers from a curse that can only be reversed "when the mouse devours the hawk." The Minstrel sings of the Princess and the Pea, though he knows the true tale because he was there when it happened.


Minstrel ..... Joe Burke
Princess No. 12 ..... Marie Schmeling
Wizard ..... Chuck Spencer
Lady Larken ..... Janna Hight
Queen Aggravain ..... Pam Newbrough
Prince Dauntless ..... Brian Mathers
King Sextimus ..... Dan Nedrow
Jester ..... Wayne McKenzie
Sir Studley ..... Lyle Ewing
Sir Luce ..... Clay Keleher
Sir Harry ..... Donald R. Appleton
Kitchen Wench ..... Donna Ball
Princess Winnifred ..... .Mary B. Cusack
Gigi ..... Kristi Yost
Nightingale of Samarkand ..... Bonnie Schmidt
Various Knights ..... Bruce Amendt, Mark Birks, Barry Cressler, Don Nissen, Dave Neeley
Lady Rowena ..... Christi Trigger
Lady Merrill ..... Jean Mohr
Lady Lucille ..... Amy Engelke
Ladies in Waiting ..... Marcia Schipper, Diane Schmeling, Kristi Yost, Dawn Pietig, Bonnie Schmidt