Written by Thornton Wilder
Directed by Michael Whitlatch
Stage design by Donna Wishman (set), Dave Grubb (lighting)

An irascible, penny-pinching store owner, Horace Vandergelder, refuses to let his niece marry the poor artist she loves, although he himself plans to remarry. Dolly Levi, the matchmaker of the title, pretends that she is helping Vandergelder find a suitable bride, but she actually schemes to marry him herself, and she works to help the young lovers gain his approval. Vandergelder’s beleaguered clerk, who is longing for excitement, also meets the woman of his dreams, although she happens to be the one Vandergelder intends to marry. In the end, everyone is happy and just a little smarter.


Horace Vandergelder ..... Bill LaBaume
Ambrose Kemper ..... Chuck Spencer
Joe Scanlon ..... Mark Smith
Gertrude ..... Dawn Swetnam
Cornelius Hack ..... Brian Mathers
Ermengarde ..... Carla Lancaster
Malachi Stack ..... Joseph Burke
Mrs. Levi ..... Mary B. Cusack
Barnaby Tucker ..... Dan Nedrow
Mrs. Molloy ..... Patricia Bolte
Minnie Fay ..... Kristi Yost
A Cabman ..... Donald Appleton
Rudolf ..... Bob Richardson
August ..... Clay Keleher
Miss Flora Van Huysen ..... Donna Ball
Her Cook ..... Nan Brown