Written by Rachel Sheinkin (book), William Finn (music and lyrics)
Directed by Bethany Larson
Musical Direction by Jerry Bertrand
Stage design by David Walker

Spelling is only part of the journey in this musical about the challenges of growing up. The story centers on six pre-teens as they vie for the title of Putnam County Spelling Champion and the right to go to Washington D.C. for the National Spelling Bee. But on the way to the final round these kids learn about so much more than words and how they are spelled. We laugh, we cry, we hope they win, and we cheer even when they lose. All this and a bit of audience participation make this a must-see theatrical event.


Chip Tolentino ..... Nicholas Andersen
Logainne SchwarzandGrubenierre ..... Alison Buechler
William Barfée ..... Taylor J. Burgraff
Leaf Coneybear ..... Jacob Alex Pedersen
Olive Ostrovsky ..... Kylie Peterson
Marcy Park ..... Roberta Swanton
Vice-Principal Douglas Panch ..... Jarrod Michael Roth
Mish Mahoney ..... Cindy Barahona
Rona Lisa Peretti ..... Kelsey Baye
Swings ..... Hannah Anderson, Kadie Dennison and Miriam Salamah