Written by Joe Orton
Directed by Hollace Drake

The Prentices are not an ordinary couple. Dr. Prentice is a psychiatrist with his own hospital who believes that the best way to interview a girl for a job is to seduce her. Geraldine does her best to comply, but nothing is going to work smoothly in this nut house that includes Mrs. Prentice, a nymphomaniac who is seduced by a bellhop in a hotel, or maybe it's vice versa. Anyway, Mrs. Prentice brings home her reluctant bellhop, just as the state inspector decides to pay a visit to the hospital. What ensues is a wild melee of disappearances, disguises and discoveries as husband and wife try to hide their prizes from one another and from the state inspector.


Mr. Prentice ..... Jim Johnson
Geraldine Barclay ..... Wendy Parks
Mrs. Prentice ..... Mary Bodholt
Nicholas Beckett ..... Leon Hammer
Sergeant Match ...... Kevin Shoesmith