Written by Thornton Wilder
Directed by Paul Siemers
Stage design by Doug Krecji (lighting), Paul Mueller (sound)

This groundbreaking satiric fantasy follows the extraordinary Antrobus family down through the ages from the time of "The War" surviving flood, fire, pestilence, locusts, the ice age, the pox and the double feature, a dozen subsequent wars and as many depressions. Ultimately, they are the stuff of which heroes and buffoons are made. Their survival is a vividly theatrical testament of faith in humanity.


Jared Madsen
Wendy Keen
Mark Brouwer
Jennifer Ulven
Jennifer Gilg
Christina McCormick
Darren Wacker
Mike Patridge
Jannelle Meyer
Chris Heim
Julie Maddox
Pat Aumer
Geri Laflin
John T. Gillin
Cindy Berg