Directed by Bethany Larson
Stage design by David Grant Walker

Buena Vista University's next theatre department production will make school history as the first performance to be broadcast live worldwide. "Radio Daze" will bring back the golden age of radio, and audiences can view the variety show in the studio, watch it on University Cable Network Channel 3, listen to it on 97.5 KBVU, or catch it on BVU's web site. 

During the "Radio Daze" run from Feb. 11-14, each of the four nights' performances will feature different programs: 

  • Wednesday - "The Shadow," "Sergeant Preston & The Challenge of the Yukon," "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century," and the classic "Who's on First" comedy sketch
  • Thursday - "Gunsmoke," "The Signal Man" adapted by Des Moines native Charles Tazewell, "The Importance of Being Ernest," and Groucho Marx's "Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel"
  • Friday - "Baby Snooks and Daddy," "Broadway Is My Beat," "The Bickersons," "Sorry, Wrong Number," and musical performances by Storm Lake's own Hannah Friesen and Dick Hakes
  • Saturday - A focus on love in its many forms: "The Romance of Helen Trent," a second episode of "The Bickersons," "The Philadelphia Story," and musical performances by Sarah Main of Laurens and the X Chicks, including Roxie Brostad, Brenda Samuelson, and Sherrie Knudtson, all of Storm Lake

In addition to a variety of dramas, thrillers, comedy, music, and songs, each night's performance will also feature an audience-participation game show. 

"We have done a great deal of research to find the actual scripts from many classic radio programs, sometimes even transcribing them ourselves from the broadcast recordings. For example, we are creating our own unique game show using ‘You Bet Your Life' and ‘Information Please' as inspiration," explains Dr. Bethany Larson, assistant professor of theater at BVU and director of "Radio Daze." 

BVU students are involved in every aspect of the production, serving not only as cast and crew members, but working behind the scenes to distribute the performance via television, radio, and the web. David Grant Walker, assistant professor of communication and performance studies at BVU, is technical director, and Dave Grosz, BVU's communications engineer, will contribute his professional expertise in that area to the shows. 

The recent acquisition of web-based video streaming technology has added a new dimension to the University's multimedia broadcast capabilities. Now for the first time, BVU alumni and friends all over the world can tune in to a live performance on campus. 

"The uniqueness of the multimedia broadcast, not to mention the complexity of coordinating four different nights of live performances, is making ‘Radio Daze' one of our most ambitious undertakings," says Larson. "People who are familiar with classic radio shows or ‘A Prairie Home Companion' will enjoy the range of entertainment and talent assembled for this production. It's generating lots of buzz and will be not just a BVU production, but an event for the entire Storm Lake community."