Written by Molière (translated into English by Richard Wilbur)
Directed by Michael Whitlatch
Stage design by David Grant Walker

"The Learned Ladies" is a comic masterpiece by the great French comic playwright, Moliere. The playwright aims his barbs at those who would let intellectual pretensions get in the way of true love. Moliere's comedy is based on his observations of daily life in 17th century France. Of course true love triumphs in the end, intellectual hypocrisy is exposed and the household returns to normal.


Chrysale ..... Taylor Burgraff
Philaminte ..... Chelsea Hogrefe
Armande ..... Cassidy Ptacek
Henriette ..... Carrie New
Ariste ..... Keifer Nevius
Belise ..... Elizabeth Kempfert
Clintandre ..... Jarael Madyun
Trissotin ..... Andrew Lupkes
Vadius ..... Brandon Williams
Martine ..... Kylie Peterson
Lepine ..... Laura Schachtner
Juliet ..... Morgan Anderson
A Notary ..... Jeff Blunk