Written by John DiPietro and Jimmy Roberts
Directed by Bethany Larson
Stage design by David Grant Walker

The musical "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" explores the joys and anxieties of love and romance between men and women in our fast-paced world.


Nicholas Andersen
Robert Elmore
Cody Kyle Gerber
Andrew Fleer
Kurtis Heithoff
Jessica Hensen
Jessica Junck
Liz Kempfert
Andrew Ketcham
Justin Klein
Ian LaForge
Andrew Lupkes
Alexis McCoy
Leah K. Marshall
Carrie New
Tiffany Peterson
Morgan Smith
Caleb Stoever
Chelsea Winterboer

Special Guest Appearances

Joan Hakes and Richard Hakes
Maxine Lampe and Richard Lampe
Glee Crippin
Stan Ullerich
Georgina Spelvin