“…learned new information throughout my research process”

Makensie Brown, Class of 2014

Makensie Brown

Hometown: Huxley, Iowa
Majors: Graphic Design/Visual Communication and Spanish
Research title: “Cuentos Hispanicos: An Intimate Photographic Observation and Explanation of Contemporary Spanish Culture”

"I personally have always been curious about the culture of Spain due to its influence on the Spanish language itself, but also because it is often mistakenly confused with Mexico. Although I initially expected specific results, I learned new information throughout my research process. With my findings I not only desire to utilize them in a manner to personally grow, but to also inform others in hopes they will expand their mindset as well."

“…gained a more in-depth understanding”

Gladiola Esparza, Class of 2014

Gladiola Esparza

Hometown: Worthington, Minn.
Majors: Spanish and Psychology
Research title: “'Una Nueva Cultura' (A New Culture)”

“Conducting research in any field is a new way of learning. It is through this research that I gained a more in-depth understanding of La Malinche and the Spanish conquest. Ultimately, research has enhanced my ability to write research reports and has had the greatest impact in my education.”