“…research helped me to expand my knowledge”

Elizabeth Heffernan, Class of 2014

Elizabeth Heffernan

Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa
Majors: English and Political Science
Research title: “'Riding the Race': How Society Constructs Race through Literature and Law”

"What I ultimately took away from this project was that by discussing and defining race, society is at the same time creating the idea of race even through different disciplines like literature and law. It was interesting to see similar thinking in these two areas that many people often see as separate. My research helped me to expand my knowledge and see something in a whole new way."

“…left me with a feeling of accomplishment”

Kimberly Nelson, Class of 2013

Kimberly Nelson

Hometown: Garnavillo, Iowa
Majors: English
Research title: “'You Are Acting Like A Child': Mother-Daughter Development in Brave: A Modern Fairy Tale?”

“Research is a great way to gain knowledge and then question it. My topic taught me a lot about how fairy tales are used to help develop a young child’s psyche, but as I researched more on the subject, I couldn’t find answers to some of my questions—which led me to my thesis. Now I feel that I have contributed to the area in which my research took place. It left me with a feeling of accomplishment.”