Graphic Design


Graphic Design

“…helped me get ahead in competing for a job”

Adam Feller, Class of 2011

Adam Feller

Hometown: Denison, Iowa
Majors: Graphic Design
Research title: “Typeface Design: The Ins and Outs of Creating a Typeface”

“I chose to do a research project on typography and particularly what it takes to design a typeface. The biggest impact my project had on me was all of the intricacies that go into making a font that designers use daily and often take for granted. All of the terminology I picked up is stuff I still use on a regular basis in my career. I definitely think the work I put into my research project helped me get ahead in competing for a job in the design industry.”

“…to encourage my peers to speak up was empowering”

Grace Bodey, Class of 2014

Grace Bodey

Hometown: Belvidere, Ill.
Majors: Graphic Design/Visual Communication and Digital Media
Research title: “Free to Speak: Analyzing the BVU Student Population's Knowledge of the First Amendment”

"Using a professional platform to encourage my peers to speak up was empowering. This was also an opportunity to reveal how freedom of speech isn’t unlimited. Consequences do exist, and seeing them learn this was rewarding."