Graphic Design


Graphic Design

“…great way for me to build a professional portfolio”

Natalie Hall, Class of 2012

Natalie Hall

Hometown: White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Majors: Graphic Design & Visual Communications
Internship: Pheasants Forever Inc. in St. Paul, Minn.

“My internship with Pheasants Forever was a great way for me to build a professional portfolio. I enjoyed my internship tremendously not only because of the work I was doing, but because I am passionate about hunting and conserving the tradition. This internship will definitely help me get a design job related to hunting/fishing in the future which is my ultimate goal.”

“…wouldn't have happened had I not been proactive about interning”

Lindsay R. Peoples, Class of 2012

Lindsay R. Peoples

Hometown: Brown Deer, Wis.
Majors: Digital Media and Graphic Design/Visual Communication
Internship: Teen Vogue in New York City

“My internship with Teen Vogue changed my world. I had spent the previous summer in Los Angeles doing celebrity styling for red carpet events, so it was definitely a wakeup call to be in fast-paced New York. Before I graduated I had various job offers, and my previous bosses emailed me because they knew they wanted to hire me after graduation. I know that wouldn’t have happened had I not been proactive about interning.”