Senior Exhibition: Tara Lehner, Sonia Mugabo, and Keyla Sosa

Senior Exhibition: Tara Lehner, Sonia Mugabo, and Keyla Sosa

April 30 - May 16, 2013

From April 30 to May 16 works by Tara Lehner, Sonia Mugabo, and Keyla Sosa will be on display in the BVU Art Gallery, located in the Social Sciences and Art building. All three are seniors in the Graphic Design and Visual Communication major, and works shown are their senior capstone projects. There will be an artists reception on Saturday, May 4th from 2-4 pm - all are welcome to attend.

Tara Lehner's show is titled Plant a New Seed, and contains both poster designs, photography as well as a multi-media work. The show's purpose is to recreate the audiences view of success and beauty portrayed in agricultural.

Sonia Mugabo's show is titled Afrikana Exquisiteness, and will include designs for a magazine cover and several banners. Here is Sonia's description of her show:

“Afrikana” is the African way of saying “African” and “Exquisiteness” is the adverb for exquisite, meaning 'characterized by beautiful design.'

Afrikana Exquisiteness is about African fashion in the form of banners, magazine covers and spread. I use my artistic, photographic, graphic design and writing skills to execute my work. Over the century, when you think of Africa, you think of war, poverty and violence. But when you get to experience the real Africa, the Africa I know, you find there is so much more than that. There is art, there is fashion, there is culture, and there is beauty. I experimented with a mixture of bold colors, prints and patterns to showcase my African roots. For me, it is about creating an experience where the woman makes a statement, creating a brand that has a very sophisticated and modern feel but yet traditional."

Keyla Sosa's show, titled Saving the Animals, includes three children's books that Keyla wrote and illustrated. The stories relate to why we should work to maintain the natural environment. Copies of these books will also be available for purchase.