Senior Graphic Design Exhibition: Brown, Hallum, Miller

Senior Graphic Design Exhibition: Brown, Hallum, Miller

April 8-17, 2014

Three Graphic Design and Visual Communication majors completed their final exhibitions and displayed them in the BVU art gallery from April 8 -17, 2014.  

Makensie Brown titled her show Soul Strings. The series of photographs "envelope[s] a moment or an individual in an utmost authentic state". "...human beings can be tied together because of our shared inherent behaviors", states Brown.

Tingleska Hallum titled her work Fill Your Life. This was inspired by Hallum's belief that it is "essential to live my life as fully as possible", and her desire to inspire her viewers.

Paige Miller titled her exhibition Fantasy Cosmetics. The show features a logo design, product (cosmetics) design, and posters advertising cosmetic products, which combine photographs and illustration.

A reception for the artists was held on Sunday, April 13, 2014.