“…challenged me to challenge myself”

Renee Couture, Class of 1999

Hometown: Spirit Lake, Iowa
Majors: Studio Art and Spanish
Minor: Women's Studies
Graduate School: Vermont College of Fine Arts, MFA in Visual Art; TEFL/TESL Certificate, Centro de Estudios Interamericanos, Cuenca, Ecuador, South America
Place of Employment: Umpqua Community College
Title: Assistant Professor of Art; artist

“The faculty at BVU challenged me to challenge myself, and I was encouraged to integrate my different areas of study, thereby enriching all of my course work. The art department faculty was genuinely interested in my work. While I was mentored by members of the faculty, they also treated me as a fellow artist. With their high expectations, I came to have high expectations for myself and the work I produced. My time at BVU helped cultivate my confidence in risk-taking and following my ambitions.”

“…serves me well both at work and in my personal life”

Andrea J. Walkup, Class of 2007

Andrea J. Walkup

Majors: Fine Art and Arts Management
Minors: Art History and German
Place of Employment: Altamira Fine Art in Jackson, Wyoming, and Scottsdale, Arizona
Title: Registrar for both locations and Galleries Manager

“I use the education I received from BVU every day. I draw upon the information from my art history classes, and on the masters of impressionism, pop, and modern movements that influence the artists we represent in both of the galleries I oversee. I also use the task of memorization of art history slides in order to keep track of our constantly changing inventory. The most valuable lesson that Dave [Boelter] and Mary [Mello-Nee] taught me, however, is to think for myself; to come up with new ideas or solutions and not be afraid of vocalizing them. That skill serves me well both at work and in my personal life.”

“...the courses prepare you for real-world situations”

Dan Perry, Class of 2001

Hometown: Storm Lake, Iowa
Majors: Fine Art
Minor: Mass Communications
Graduate School: University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture
Place of Employment: University of Northern Iowa
Title: Art Studio Technician and Instructor

During my time at BVU, I found the Communication and Arts faculty to be extremely dedicated and inspiring, while the courses prepare you for real-world situations. In my career, I have to shift gears from artist, to educator, to citizen, to whatever else is needed on a given day. My experiences at BVU made me a more well-rounded individual with the ability to succeed at any challenge I might face in my career.