School of Science

The School of Science provides advantages and facilities you would expect from a larger school, combined with the freedom to utilize these opportunities without waiting your turn with hundreds of other students. All labs are used for teaching and student work.

Examine the effect of antibiotics on the location and function of mitochondria in human cells. Start a medical practice in your hometown or become a mechanical or computer engineer. In Buena Vista University's School of Science, you will learn how to compete with the best and adapt and grow in a changing scientific landscape.

As a student, you will also have regular access to the Estelle Siebens Science Center, and will carry out experiments using state-of-the-art equipment owned by BVU. Because all of the labs are located in the Science Center, they are easily accessible and professors are always on hand to show you how to use them.

“Imagine having the opportunity to get paid to spend the summer of your junior year engineering viruses to kill cancer cells or developing gene therapy approaches to regenerate heart tissue after a heart attack. For a science student, it doesn’t get much better than that.”

Dr. Brian Lenzmeier

Programs & Majors

Biology Major / Minor / Teaching Licensure
Biochemistry Major
Biomedical Sciences Major
Chemistry Major / Minor / Teaching Licensure
Computer Science Major / Minor
Data Science and Analytics Major / Minor
Environmental Science Major / Minor
Mathematics Major / Minor / Teaching Licensure
Corporate Mathematics Major
Physics Major / Minor / Teaching Licensure
Pre-Engineering Pre-Professional

School of Science Faculty

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Benjamin  Donath

Mr. Benjamin Donath

Dean of the School of Science

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Nathan  Backman

Dr. Nathan Backman

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Anton  Bezuglov

Dr. Anton Bezuglov

Associate Professor of Data Science and Analytics

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Thomas  Bonagura

Dr. Thomas Bonagura

Associate Professor of Biology

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Bob  Brodman

Dr. Bob Brodman

Associate Professor of Biology

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Melinda  Coogan

Dr. Melinda Coogan

Professor of Biology

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Nasser  Dastrange

Dr. Nasser Dastrange

Professor of Mathematics

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Timothy  Ehler

Dr. Timothy Ehler

Associate Professor of Chemistry

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   James  Hampton

Dr. James Hampton

Professor of Biology

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Gail  Hartsock

Dr. Gail Hartsock

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Melanie  Hauser

Dr. Melanie Hauser

Associate Professor of Chemistry

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Brian  Lenzmeier

Dr. Brian Lenzmeier

Professor of Biology

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Benjamin  Maas

Dr. Benjamin Maas

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Geology

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Kristy  McClellan

Dr. Kristy McClellan

Associate Professor of Biology

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Timothy  McDaniel

Mr. Timothy McDaniel

Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Quantitative Business

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Lisa  Mellmann

Dr. Lisa Mellmann

Assistant Professor of Physical Science

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Jason  Shepherd

Dr. Jason Shepherd

Associate Professor of Computer Science

!faculty.salutation.selectValue   Shawn  Stone

Dr. Shawn Stone

Professor of Physics/General Science

BVU Introduces Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Resource Management

The announcement of the institute aligns with recent and emerging trends showing there is high demand for college graduates with a degree in agricultural programs.

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BVU Introduces Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Resource Management

BVU Professor Inducted into Order of Cumberland and Tollefson

The Order of Cumberland and Tollefson was established in 1994 and is reserved for faculty members who have given exceptional service to the University.

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BVU Professor Inducted into Order of Cumberland and Tollefson

BVU to Host Iowa Academy of Science Annual Meeting

To date, more than 100 poster and oral presentations by undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers from across the state of Iowa will be presented at the conference.

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BVU to Host Iowa Academy of Science Annual Meeting

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