Academic Schools

The major study areas of Buena Vista University are grouped within five schools. Explore our schools and the exciting programs and majors they offer.

Harold Walter Siebens School of Business

Launch a career in sports management or market research. Change the world by running a non-profit organization in Africa. Start up your own restaurant in Chicago or become a financier based in New York City.

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School of Communication & Arts

In the School of Communication & Arts, you have the chance to not only dive deeper into your passion, but apply what you love to do on your very first day. You deserve to show the world what you have to offer. Here, that’s exactly what you do.

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School of Education & Exercise Science

Few things are more rewarding for a teacher than seeing the triumph on the face of a student when he or she understands a concept. Not only will you experience this feeling first-hand, but you will learn how to create a spark of your own.

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School of Science

The School of Science provides advantages and facilities you would expect from a larger school, combined with the freedom to utilize these opportunities without waiting your turn with hundreds of other students. All labs are used for teaching and student work.

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School of Social Science, Philosophy & Religion

Through your studies, you'll gain an understanding of the past, a dialogue with the present and skills to address the future. You'll develop a broadly-applicable skill set and specialized knowledge as you seek potential solutions to the world's challenges.

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