Business Students Honored for Academic Achievement

Business Students Honored for Academic Achievement

Business Students Honored for Academic Achievement

Eight Buena Vista University business majors have been selected for the Clifford A. Rae Academic Achievement Award for the 2013 calendar year.

The awards — which range up to $5,000 — were created by a $750,000 endowment from the foundations established by Dr. Harold Walter Siebens and named after the long-time advisor and counsel to Siebens and the foundations.

"On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Siebens School of Business, I heartily congratulate all the recipients of the prestigious Clifford A. Rae award, said Dr. Ashok Subramanian. “Kudos to them for their hard work and high achievement. The magnitude and stature of the award is unique and is a very deserving recognition of their excellence.”

The endowment supports annual awards for three pre-qualified, academically high-performing BVU business majors in each of the second, third and fourth years of school — a total of up to nine students per year. The program is distributing $30,000 in awards this year.

Fourth year student recipients are: Amanda Jamtgaard, accounting major from Ireton; Lacey Flugge, management major from Nashua; and Michael Boyle marketing and corporate mathematics major from Perry.

Third year student recipients are: Stephanie Hayden, accounting and management major from Prairie City; Adam Cave, management and finance and banking major from Harlan; and Nereyda Manriquez, accounting major from Storm Lake.

Second year student recipients are: Alec Sindelar, business major from O’Neill, Neb.; and Jordon Stief, accounting and business major from Dow City.

The competitive program, which rewards business majors who excel in their academic pursuits, is open to students who live in Iowa or adjacent states and who qualify for financial aid. Students may receive the award more than once during their years at BVU.

In addition to academic excellence, the program encourages quality learning experiences for students outside the classroom, such as internships, study abroad, international and domestic travel during BVU’s January interim, and costs of academic research. Fourth-year students can also use the funds for graduate school applications, entrance/exam costs or professional certification. Upon graduation, students can also use remaining Award funds to help pay down student loans.