Past Projects

Past Sustainability Initiatives on BVU's Storm Lake Campus

Washer/Dryers – Installation of Energy Star front-load washers and dryers will cut water usage by almost 60% and utility costs by 50%.

Trayless Dining – Studies show trayless dining decreases the amount of food waste by 4.5 oz per day/per diner as well as water and electricity costs associated with washing and drying dinner ware. 

Smith Hall – New boiler, water heater and added insulation should result in an estimated 41% savings in natural gas and 7% reduction in electricity use.

Ballou – New HVAC controls with an estimated 40% savings in total energy.

Fieldhouse and Recreation Center – Replacement of existing lights with energy efficient fixtures provides an estimated savings of 25-40%.

Pierce & White Halls – LEED Certifications for new construction with more efficient boilers and lighting with increased glass for more natural lighting and reduced electricity during daylight hours and low-flow showerheads.

Football/Soccer Fields – Replacement of natural grass with turf will substantially reduce water use, and eliminate mowing and fertilizer use.

Vehicles – President Moore’s vehicle is a hybrid.  Hybrid vehicles will be purchased as we replace our fleet vehicles.