Effects of Deportation on Mexican Families

by Bailey Schafbuch, Kylie Swanson, Austin Mogg, Tyler Mcdanel, and Darren Johnson
Media Studies
Faculty advisor: Jamii Claiborne and Dr. Swasti Bhattacharyya

Immigration followed by deportation of Mexican families is a global issue. Many people are uniformed of the reasons why families immigrate to the United States. Many assume jobs are being taken from United States citizens and taxes aren’t being paid. Consequently, immigration from south of the border is often viewed as a negative thing, and deportation is then seen as a deserved result. The human aspect of why families immigrate in the first place needs to be known. Families in general don’t come to steal jobs from American workers. They’re not trying to cheat the government, but instead make a better life for themselves and their families. If or when these undocumented workers are found without adequate papers, the INS will deport those who aren’t legal citizens. This can leave part of the family alone in the United States. Special focus will be put on the human aspect of these families being torn apart. The format of this project is a multimedia journalistic story based on interviews and research acquired from local families in Storm Lake, teachers at the local high school, the INS, immigration/deportation journals, and the Storm Lake Police Department.