Image is Everything: Expanding Brand Awareness

by Kelsey Reitmeier and Kacie Woodley
Faculty advisor: Dr. Scott Anderson

The brand image is what makes a company who they are in the mind of the consumer; it is their personality, expression, and sense of being. Without an understanding of the company’s brand image, a company is a lost soul in search of whom it is and where it wants to go. With no understanding of a brand image, a company’s mission and vision are irrelevant; it is hard to go somewhere, when it is not understand where the company is going today.

Merrill Manufacturing was a lost soul during the fall and was in great need of soul searching. Through countless hours of cold calling, surveying, and research, the class and I were able to determine who Merrill really is and where Merrill needed to go. Although no research is ever perfect and no solution can solve every problem, the class and I were able to identify a place to start and the steps to take to get going in the correct direction. Everyone always says the first steps are the hardest, so the class took those first steps to help Merrill to establish its brand image and establish itself.