Comparing the Relative Effectiveness of Herbal Medicine and Antibiotics In Controlling Growth Of Bacillus cereus and Escherichia coli.

by Nathan Reddick, Brittney Donn, and Andrew Ohlrich
Faculty advisor: Dr. Brian Lenzmeier

The concept of herbal medicine is huge topic in today’s society. Does the evidence support the hype? A series of different types of herbs were collected and analyzed for anti-microbial properties. This was done by collecting the extract from the herbs and mixing it with the bacteria. After incubating them, the cultures were then plated to check and see if they were effective at killing the bacteria (bacteriocidal) or inhibiting the growth of the bacteria (bacteriostatic). After finding out which herbs had bacteriocidal properties, they were then plated once again using the disc diffusion assay method. The zone of inhibition given off by the bacteriocidal herbs were compared to the performance of antibiotics that are usually prescribed in today’s medical practice.