Is the Glass Ceiling Really Cracking?

by Bee Phommasene and Nina Bounyavouth
Faculty advisor: Dr. Joni Anderson

While the presence and status of women in the work force have increased dramatically since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, there are still concerns about the relative absence of women in the management ranks, which some have described as the “glass ceiling.” Women are making real gains in college and graduate education but they continue to lag behind men in management positions. Women are starting to feel like their trials and tribulations are not making a dent on that glass ceiling which has led many to think that this could influence the future career aspirations of women. This research project was designed to explore the following research questions: 1) Is there evidence that the glass ceiling really exists? 2) What are the driving forces influencing career aspirations of women? and 3) What is the future impact on Human Resource Management policies and practices? Is the Glass Ceiling really cracking?