Toyota Motor Corporation, An Interactive Study

by Remy Nshuti, Christopher Green and Stephane Karege
Finance & Banking
Faculty advisor: Dr. Lei Wen

This research focuses on a complete business analysis for Toyota Corporation. The Japanese company is the first manufacturer in the world. We use the fundamental and financial statements analysis to examine how Toyota Motor Corporation has performed overall and relative to their competitors. Several key factors, including the macroeconomic and political pressures on the company in the U.S. and other markets, as well as things like the firm’s products and services, global strategies, corporate governance and their financial ratios are also analyzed. We use Toyota’s accounting and financial information from 2007-2009 (and some of the information from 2010), to compare with those from other competitors in helping with our analysis. In addition, this research also reviews how Toyota has dealt with the problems relating to their massive recalls and other developments in the automobile markets in the past few years. The paper also provides some possible recommendations to help Toyota continue to expand its customer base and improve its operating performance in the long run.