T. Rowe Price: Invest with Confidence

by Bikash Pandey, Brianne Sweeden, and Megan Lytle
Finance & Banking
Faculty advisor: Dr. Lei Wen

As the 2010 recipient of the Lipper Fund’s “Best Overall Large Company” award, T. Rowe Price has proven its ability to remain profitable after times of economic distress. After the global financial crisis beginning from 2008, many financial institutions around the world found themselves in financial troubles. This research uses a variety of factors to examine how T. Rowe Price handles this difficult time period. The factors include the macroeconomic and regulatory environment in the United States; the firm’s products and services; the corporate culture, governance, and strategies; and financial and stock performance in comparison to competitors within the asset management industry. The findings in this research suggest that T. Rowe Price has been a strong leader even after this crisis by implementing innovative ideas and expansion techniques to stimulate its growth.