Adoption Equality: Homosexual Discrimination in the Adoption Process

by Zach King, Miranda Klingenberg, Jocelyn Garcia, and Nathan Clark
Media Studies
Faculty advisor: Jamii Claiborne

The story we are planning to tell is on homosexual couples who are discriminated against in the adoption process. We are researching into the idea that gay couples are being discriminated against when entering into the adoption process. It is our current belief that they are being treated unfairly in regard to the liberties granted to homosexuals, we plan to bring forth substantial evidence to support our theory. From the preliminary research we have gathered, studies have shown that there are no developmental issues between a child growing up in a homosexual household as opposed to one growing up in a heterosexual one. To further our research we are in the process of interviewing the Adoption Program Manager for the Iowa Department of Human Services to better aid our understanding of the adoption process for homosexual couples who are looking to adopt a child into their household. We would also attempt to contact any individuals on campus who grew up in a homosexual home and gain any information which would aid us in understanding the adoption process for the child’s point of view and the effects of growing up in a homosexual household.