Community-Service Assessment 2010

by Dustin Killpack
Philosophy and Religion
Faculty advisor: Ashley Farmer-Hanson

A community-service assessment is a broad look across non-profit agencies, service programs, and community members to learn more about the current state of the organization, programs, and partnerships. This summer the Office of Community Service and Office of Intercultural Programming had an AmeriCorp VISTA conduct a community-service assessment. After identifying eighty-five regional service focused agencies and organizations, I drafted a four page questionnaire obtaining both quantitative and qualitative data. The information that was collected from the questionnaire provided up-to-date information on contact information, mission and vision statements, an evaluation of BVU student volunteers, Buenafication Day, Martin Luther King Day, new volunteer opportunities, preferred volunteer skills, the Online Service Request Form, and determined interest in a conducting a community needs assessment.

All of this information was gathered and placed in an eighty-two page document.  The results of the community-service assessment have provided both offices with current contact information and quantitative information about service programs. It will also serve as a stepping stone for future assessments and its ability to provide long-term data over time.