Mt. Crescent – Effectiveness of Service and Likelihood of Opportunities

by Erik Hartman
Faculty advisor: Dr. Steve Remington

This study was requested by the Mt. Crescent (IA) Ski Area, which is located slightly northeast of Omaha, Nebraska. Problems included maintaining a robust customer base, encouraging new customers to visit, and generating more year-round business. The objectives of this study are to determine potential and current users’ awareness of Mt. Crescent’s services and promotions. Survey research was undertaken using a questionnaire structured to gather data examining participants’ general opinions about the ski area, its services and facilities and their awareness of Mt. Crescent. A convenience sample of thirty (30) random participants visiting the ski area was selected. Data gathered was analyzed and a basic statistical analysis was completed. The first finding identified a general lack of promotional activities such as maintaining a customer base or generating additional business. Because its use of media tools is inconsistent and infrequent target markets are not being made aware of loyalty programs or efforts to create year round events. It is recommended that Mt Crescent make better use of the internet upgrading its website while developing a social media program. Programs designed to encourage word-of-mouth communication should be created. Expansion of current programs should be undertaken.