The Turtle Dove: A New Composition

by Nicholas Andersen
Faculty advisor: Dr. Paula Keeler

As a musician, and future music teacher, composition and arrangement have captured my interest. This interest stems from my desire to add to the repertoire of music already existing today, as well as a possible need to arrange music for my choirs and vocal students in the future. This presentation will describe the new composition and outline the research completed before starting the work. My composition is actually an arrangement of a traditional English folk melody The Turtle Dove as research by British composer Ralph Vaughn Williams.

The currently arrangements of The Turtle Dove in existence today, rely on Ralph Vaughn Williams research into British Folk Melodies. My arrangement uses the Vaughan Williams melody as a starting point and utilizes new harmonic structure including, unison, duet and four-part accapella sections. My arrangement is composed for chorus with accompaniment, and altered harmonic structure.

My presentation includes historical background on Ralph Vaughan Williams as a composer and his research into British folk melody. The second segment outlines the harmonic comparison of the old and new arrangements of The Turtle Dove. The presentation will conclude with a short performance of my choral arrangement of this early English melody.