Slumdog Millionaire—the Sick Side of Mumbai

by Ravi Kumar
Faculty advisor: Dr. Matt Packer

Slumdog Millionaire is a sensational, unsettling movie directed by Danny Boyle that shows how some Indians live an impoverished life and are tangentially connected to the prodigals of the city, the city which strives for financial perfection. Alice Miles of Times Online, London termed this movie as “poverty porn”. I consider the movie as a reflection of Mumbai’s reality. 

We all can agree that poverty, absence of rule of law, and discrimination can be present in culture, but should be eliminated.  Simply because exposing the dark side of society might indicate hierarchy does not mean we should stop exposing these dark sides of the society. I believe that we should be thankful to Danny Boyle, who has a track record of not being canonical director,  for exposing the recondite, exigent issues of the contemporary world via sugar coded  medium— Slumdog Millionaire. Lastly, I am soberly optimistic that I exculpate Danny Boyle from making“poverty porn” as Alice Miles termed.