Ma le cose sono sempre così complicate in Italia? Solving Inefficiency Italian Style

by Ronald Forsell
Political Science
Faculty advisor: Dr. Brad Best

For my research paper I seek to answer the question: Ma le cose sono sempre così complicate in Italia?  Which means “Is it always this complicated in Italy?  I am seeking to figure out how and why the Italian bureaucracy is so inefficient.  I feel that my research will show that the political uncertainty and ideological inconsistency in the Italian Parliament are the leading factors in that inefficiency.

By political uncertainty I am referring to the inherent problems with the Italian government’s set-up.  The Italian Parliamentary system does not include two major parties like the United States system.  Instead it contains several temporary coalitions each joined by ideological ties, who spring up simultaneously, and disappear just as quickly.  The lack of ideological consistency within the Parliament I believe will prove to be one of the biggest factors in the inefficiency and frustration people experience with the Italian bureaucracy.

In addition to studying the Italian system, I plan to provide a comparative analysis between the United States and Italy.  While the US is no model of bureaucratic efficiency I am more concerned with how, if at all, the changing landscape of our political parties affects bureaucratic agencies.