Active Return to Play with the Implementation of Yoga

by Stephanie Swanson
Athletic Training
Faculty advisor: Dr. Chris Todden

The concept of whole body rehabilitation takes the form and function that in the arena of athletics an injured athlete is just that an athlete who in all evaluation is in the best physical shape of their lives with an injured body segment. Difficulties arise as the focus of rehabilitation and return to play spotlight the injured area only. With a finite amount of focus it goes without saying that certain physical attributes that make an athlete an athlete may fall to the evil of deconditioning as attention is misguided to only one concern.  One primary goal of the whole body rehabilitation process is to include all aspects of athletic conditioning in the process of rehabilitation.  Through research, studies have shown that when the body is deficient in neuromuscular control, proprioception, and weakness there can be an imbalance caused which can predispose the athlete to injury.  The core’s primary goal is to stabilize the body and this can improved through the use of yoga.