Collegiate Post Pitching Program

by Samantha Narveson
Athletic Training
Faculty advisor: Dr. Chris Todden

The fatigue associated with pitching in baseball has been attributed to many resulting factors associated with the task.  Structurally, this includes decreased shoulder strength, altered scapular positioning, and decreased range of motion.

Additionally, physiological effects of pitching include altered Ca2+ levels, increased intramuscular hormonal levels, increased intramuscular lactate levels, and altered pH levels.  Practically, the fatigue concern presents itself from the coaching standpoint of the need to provide instruction to the athlete between pitching performances. This program developed and discussed here is a post pitching routine which takes an active nature in addressing this concern. It is designed to attend to the causes of fatigue by taking a minimal approach to pitching related exercises and activities, for a shortened duration of time. The program is instigated immediately following each pitching bout in either practice or events. When compared to the reported results of routines designed around isolated cardiovascular recovery or passive recovery, the athletes reported the ability to pitch at full effort sooner. This allowed the coaching staff to intervene and provide instruction between performances.