Strengthening of the Scapula Stabilizing Musculature for Female Softball Players

by Liz Auffert
Athletic Training
Faculty advisor: Matt Hanson

Research was performed to determine the best method to strengthen the musculature acting on the scapula for throwing athletes.  The target group was Buena Vista Softball players.  First, research was performed to determine the target muscle groups for throwers; secondly a resistance program was complied to strengthen those target muscles. The program was introduced to the Buena Vista Softball Team during in-season lifting routine. Specifically exercises where chosen to strengthen the serratus anterior, a scapula protractor indicated to have insufficient strength in the female overhead throwing athlete. Exercises where also introduced into the program involving strengthening related to retraction, depression, and upward rotation of the scapula.   Follow through will be held throughout the season allowing adjustments when needed.