International Students’ Perceptions on the English Language Learning and Teaching

by Yurika Akase
Teaching English as a Second Language
Faculty advisor: Dr. Katya Koubek

The survey asked questions about perceptions of language acquisition by international students, who study a variety of subjects in the US using English as a second language. Survey questions were drawn from the book How Languages are Learned by Lightbown and Spada. The survey, which used open-ended and Likert-scale questions, was conducted in the spring 2009 for the TESL270 course (Second Language Acquisition).

Most of the questionnaires are based on old ideas which were dominant in 1950's. Interestingly, I found out that many international students still believe these ideas even though they are no longer generally accepted.


Each student's information regarding English learning was included in the survey because international students from different countries have different situations in English education. We communicate in one language, but the way we have learned it varies. Now that I am back at Hokusei Gauken University after finishing a one-year-exchange program at BVU, I am planning to survey these questionnaires again to Japanese students and see if I find different results.