BVU Hosts 13th Annual Cultural Leadership Conference

BVU Hosts 13th Annual Cultural Leadership Conference

Buena Vista University will host its 13th annual Cultural Leadership Conference (CLC) April 11-14.

The conference offers high school students from diverse populations a firsthand look at college life at BVU as they attend classes, seminars, entertainment, and stay in residence halls with current students. The event is expected to draw over 50 students from the Midwest.

Co-chairs for the conference are Sheldon Paramore, a senior communications major from Youngstown, Ohio, and Kimberly Perez, a senior biochemistry major from Brownsville, Texas. Both students attended the CLC when they were in high school and say the experience influenced their decision to attend BVU.

"I want each person to leave the conference a better person," says Sheldon. "By equipping ourselves with knowledge and educating ourselves today, we can become better leaders and examples in the future."

"My goal is for the students and anyone involved with the conference not only to embrace diversity but learn how to use their respective environments and become a strong voice for the change they want to see in the world," says Kimberly. "I expect those involved with the conference to understand what it takes to be a leader and apply it to their lives."

The overall theme for the conference is "Let the World Change You, So You Can Change the World."

Each day will also have a different theme:

Thursday's theme is "A Whole New World," which celebrates coming to a new place and welcoming new perspectives. At opening ceremonies, President Fred Moore will welcome the students.

Friday's theme is "Impact the World You Live In," which emphasizes leadership and leadership development. Among the activities for the day, the students will be able to participate in a service project.

Saturday's theme is "Colors of the World," which focuses on diversity and issues of diversity. Keynote speaker at the banquet on Saturday evening will be Christyn Abaray, director of athletics.

Sunday's theme is "A World of Fun," which encourages the students to take what they have learned at the conference and help make the world a better place. There also will be time for meditation and reflection.