Create a Living Legacy

Create a Living Legacy

Create a Living Legacy

Share your spirit of giving into the future.

Buena Vista University is fortunate to have many long-standing, loyal donors who contribute to the University on an on-going basis. It is simple to ensure your spirit of giving continues into the future by adding BVU as a beneficiary in a bequest through your will or trust.

“A bequest is a specific statement within a will or trust document that simply states an amount or percentage of money, personal property, or assets you would like distributed upon your death,” said Ken Converse, vice president for institutional advancement at Buena Vista University. “It’s an easy process, and a bequest can be added by your attorney to any existing will or trust. A number of individuals use a bequest to make a gift to BVU’s endowment that will produce a return that equates to the annual gift they are currently providing. For example if a donor is currently giving $100 per year to support BVU on an annual basis, a bequest of as little as $2,500 will make your annual gift to BVU perpetual.”

When you add BVU to your will or trust, it is important to let the University know about your future gift, as it allows the University to acknowledge the gift and it qualifies you for the Z.Z. White Heritage Society.

According to Converse, “There are times we don’t know about the gift until the donor has already passed away, and we don’t get a chance to thank them personally. Also, if there is no designation given in the bequest, we have no way to learn how they desire their gift to be used.”

Bequests can be in the form of cash, stocks, or property. Bequests are more flexible than immediate donations, a you make the commitment now and the gift is only actually realized when the donor passes. And if circumstances change, so can the estate plan.

Anonymity is also an option when making a bequest. “Sometimes people hesitate to add BVU in their will or tell us ahead of time because they don’t want the gift to be made public,” said Converse. “We work with our donors to keep their gifts anonymous if they choose to remain unknown.”