BVU Wraps Up Iron Beaver Challenge with Triathlon

BVU Wraps Up Iron Beaver Challenge with Triathlon

Over 40 Buena Vista University students, faculty, staff and members of the Storm Lake community participated in the third-annual Iron Beaver Challenge during the month of February.

The month-long fitness challenge was sponsored by BVU’s Human Performance Student Organization and concluded with the Iron Beaver Indoor Triathlon on March 2.

“During the month of February, participants complete the distance and events of an actual Ironman Triathlon,” says Dr. Matt Hanson, BVU’s assistant professor of exercise science and director of the human performance program. “In total, they each completed 2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles biking and 26.2 miles running.”

The Iron Beaver Challenge and the Iron Beaver Indoor Triathlon are geared for people of all fitness levels and is intended to promote wellness and encourage people to be physically active. 

“We had 45 people take part in the Iron Beaver Challenge this year, and 22 people completed the triathlon,” says Hanson. “One of my goals next year is to get more younger athletes involved, which introduces them to the triathlon sport and encourages them start a fitness and wellness plan that lasts a lifetime.”

Results of the triathlon are available online at

For more information about the Iron Beaver Challenge or physical activity initiatives at BVU, contact Dr. Matt Hanson at or 712.749.2024.