Consumer Information


Consumer Information

This page is designed to provide students, their families, and BVU staff with a wide range of information that is available through a variety of resources on campus. We hope that you will find this information helpful. If you would prefer to get the information in writing, you may request it from the appropriate office. For additional information, you may also access our catalog online (in the event that a policy has changed after catalog printing, this page should provide the most up-to-date information on the policies provided here.)

Each topic includes a brief description, a link to more information when available, and the office that can provide additional information; the Director of the Office of Financial Assistance can also provide information when needed.

General BVU Information


Buena Vista University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (since 1927), 30 N. LaSalle St., Suite 2400, Chicago, IL, 60602, 312.263-0456, Special accreditations for specific undergraduate programs include Athletic Training: Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE); Education: Iowa Department of Education; Social Work: Council on Social Work Education (CWSE).

Buena Vista University holds membership in Iowa College Foundation; Iowa Association of Independent Colleges & Universities Campus Compact; Iowa Campus Compact; Association of Governing Boards (AGB); Association of American Colleges & Universities; The Council for Adult & Experiential Learning (CAEL); Council for Higher Education Accreditation; Association of Presbyterian Colleges & Universities; Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE); Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference; National Collegiate Athletic Association; and American Association of University Women.

Additional information is available through the Office of Academic Affairs or in the specific information for majors that require additional approval or licensure, as found in the BVU Catalog.

Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data

This report describes our athletic program participation rates and expenses related to athletics at BVU.

Campus Safety

Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

Safety and security is the number one concern to of the entire campus community: students, faculty, staff and visitors. While Buena Vista University and Storm Lake are comparatively safe environments, the campus is not exempt from the types of crime that exist in other Northwest Iowa Communities. Effective safety and security require cooperation and assistance from everyone at the University.
The Student Right to know and Campus Security Act of 1990 recently renamed the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security and Crime Statistic Act, was enacted by Congress and signed into law in November of 1990. In1992, and most recently in 2008, Congress significantly amended the law, expanding the reporting criteria.  In compliance with the “Act”, Buena Vista University’s Campus Security has published this report to provide its students, employees, and visitors with an overview of the University’s security resources, policies and procedures, as well as crime statistics. The report is updated annually and is provided to all students, employees and applicants for admission and employment, as well as anyone who requests a copy.

Completion/Graduation Rates

The completion/graduation rate of all full-time, first-time, degree-seeking undergraduates.

Consumer Information on College Navigator Website

The Department of Education is required to post 26 items for each institution on this website.

Copyright Policies

Summary of Civil and Criminal Penalties for Violation of Federal Copyright Laws

Copyright infringement is the act of exercising, without permission or legal authority, one or more of the exclusive rights granted to the copyright owner under section 106 of the Copyright Act (Title 17 of the United States Code). These rights include the right to reproduce or distribute a copyrighted work. In the file-sharing context, downloading or uploading substantial parts of a copyrighted work without authority constitutes an infringement. Penalties for copyright infringement include civil and criminal penalties. In general, anyone found liable for civil copyright infringement may be ordered to pay either actual damages or “statutory” damages affixed at not less than $750 and not more than $30,000 per work infringed. For “willful” infringement, a court may award up to $150,000 per work infringed. A court can, in its discretion, also assess costs and attorneys’ fees. For details, see Title 17, United States Code, Sections 504, 505. Willful copyright infringement can also result in criminal penalties, including imprisonment of up to five years and fines of up to $250,000 per offense. For more information, please see the website of the U.S. Copyright Office at


Costs for tuition, fees and room and board and an estimate of other related expenses.


Current Degree and Educational Training Programs offered. Contact the Office of Academic Affairs or the Registrar's Office for more information.

Drug And Alcohol Prevention And Abuse Information

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy

Drug and Alcohol abuse, prevention and awareness information, along with information relevant to institutional policies related to drug and alcohol use.

Policy on Financial Aid Eligibility for Drug Convictions

This policy describes the financial aid penalties for the illegal possession or sale of drugs.


Physical facilities that relate to academic programs at BVU.

Facilities and Services available to students with disabilities (Storm Lake campus)

Nearly all buildings on the Buena Vista University campus are handicapped accessible. Students seeking assistance regarding accessibility should contact the following individuals:

  • For assistance with the academic program, including accessibility of courses, laboratories, or academic materials, students should contact the the director of the Center of Academic Excellence, 712.749.1237.
  • For assistance with the co-curricular program, such as residence halls, food service, student activities, or other programs, students should contact the dean of students in the Harold Walter Siebens School of Business/Siebens Forum, 712.749.2123.

Facilities and Services available to students with disabilities (Graduate & Professional Studies)

Nearly all buildings are handicapped accessible. Students seeking assistance regarding handicapped accessibility should contact their BVU Graduate & Professional Studies director.


Faculty and instructional personnel.


Student's rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  What you find in this section is a summary of the FERPA Policy.  The full policy can be found in our catalog.

Job Placement Information

Information is available on BVU's job placement data, including the types of employment our graduates have obtained and the types of graduate programs in which our graduates have enrolled.

Practitioner Preparation - Annual Summary Report

This report is prepared by the Iowa Department of Education Board of Accreditation and Program Improvement.

Student Body Diversity

Review statistics for enrollment by gender, race/ethnicity and financial need.

Textbook Information

Please refer to the BVU Registrar site to find information pertaining to required text books, by course, their costs and ISBNs.

Please refer to the Book Voucher Policy to determine if you are able to use a credit balance to purchase books before the start of a term/semester.

Transfer of Credit - Undergraduate

This information will detail the policy for acceptance of course work taken elsewhere. For information on transfer of credit for any of our graduate programs, please see the corresponding area of the BVU Catalog. In addition, information is also available on BVU's articulation agreements.

Vaccination Policy

This policy offers a description of required medical forms, insurance waiver, and required and recommended immunizations for students living in university residence halls.

Information Related to Financial Aid

Code Of Conduct for Educational Loans

Iowa Code Section 261E.2 and Sections 487(a)(25) and 487(e) of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, require the development, administration, and enforcement of a code of conduct governing educational loan activities.

Financial Aid Related Information

Additional specific information for Graduate & Professional Studies students and Graduate students is available. These links will provide you with information pertaining to:

  • The process of applying for financial assistance and how eligibility is determined.
  • Need-based and non-need based state, institutional, and private/local assistance programs.
  • Need based and non-need based federal financial assistance, including application procedures, general eligibility guidelines, and award amounts.
  • The terms and conditions of any federal loans, including a sample repayment schedule.
  • The rights and responsibilities of students receiving financial assistance.
  • Information regarding the availability of federal student aid for study abroad opportunities.

Additional information is also available for:

Financial Assistance Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

This policy addresses the criteria for remaining in good academic standing academically at BVU. Good academic standing is necessary to continue to be eligible for federal, state and institutional financial assistance.

View the policy by location/program

Preferred Lender Arrangements

Schools that participate in preferred lender arrangement must disclose detailed information about the terms and conditions of the loans offered, why the school chose the particular lender and the method used to select the lenders.  Other required information can also be found on the link provided.

A paper copy of the BVU Annual Report on Preferred Lender Arrangements may be requested from the Office of Financial Assistance.

Return of Title IV Funds Policy

Students who withdraw from the university may be entitled to a refund of charges and financial assistance.

Student Employment

Review the terms and conditions of employment that may be part of a financial assistance package.

Study Abroad

Information about the process and aid available for study abroad.

Verification Policy

This policy addresses the process and timeline for submitting documents required when a student is selected for verification.

Withdrawal Process and Institutional Charges Policy

Withdrawal Process - Storm Lake Campus

This policy will detail the correct procedure to follow if you find the need to withdraw from BVU during a term/semester.  Information is also available on BVU's Administrative Withdrawal Policy.

Withdrawal Process - Graduate & Professional Studies

This policy will detail the correct procedure to follow if you find the need to withdraw from BVU's Graduate & Professional Studies program during a term.

Miscellaneous Information

State Certification

This link provides students with contact information for filing a complaint with any state in which a student resides while attending BVU.

Voter Registration

Information pertaining to how to registered to vote.